Invader Invasion

The invasion of Invader

Have you all heard the news? Of course you have. This is a serious epidemic and it's spreading like wild fire. This invasive species is taking over faces everywhere, and very rapidly at that. Some symptoms of this disease is looking fabulous and feeling like a million bucks... Watch out, because Invader may be coming for you next...

Nico Michelle

It first started with @nicomichelle. She's looking adorable in the black Invaders.


@adoeshouse then caught Invader Fever... She's looking stunning in Invader in gold.

Blogger @fifideluxeblog

Blogger @fifideluxeblog started catching onto the Invader Invasion as well.. Pictured here are the white Invaders.


@lovebylynn looking beyond in the gold Invaders. The invasion is spreading all over the world..

@mimielashiry with white invaders

It's even targeting model @mimielashiry who looks amazing here in the white Invaders.

Shay Mitchell in Black Invaders

Even Shay Mitchell has caught Invader Fever, looking gorgeous in the black Invaders.

Jamie Chung in White Invaders

Jamie Chung has caught on as well, looking gorgeous in the White Invaders here.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Gold Invaders

Even supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is apart of the Invader epidemic. Here she is in the gold Invaders.

We don't know where Invader is going to spread next, but it isn't stopping. You may be the next to catch Invader Fever... better watch out.

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